Billy E. at Blues Estafette, Utrecht Holland. (photo by Rusty Russell r.i.p.)

January 2024- 2024-2024
Jan2- kidz
Jan 3- Grandson Grayson birthday #6
Jan 7 kidz
Jan 10 kidz
Jan 20 GrandDaughter Bailey Cate birthday # 15
Jan 23-kidz
Jan 24 kidz
Jan 27- Junebug rehearsal Baldwyn.
Jan 29- no cigs 6 yrs

Feb 3-kidz
Feb 6- kidz
Feb 7 kidz
Feb 11-Super Bowl
Feb 20-Kidz
Feb 21- big 7-0 (kidz)
Feb 27-kidz

March 2024
Mar 1- kidz
Mar 2- kidz
Mar 5-kidz
Mar 6-kidz
Mar 12- Willie X radio interview 5:30
Mar 15-kidz
Mar 16-kidz
Mar 18- 11am shot
Mar 19kidz
Mar 20-kidz
Mar 22- dr Jain 12:15
Mar 30-kidz
Mar 31 kidz
Apr 6- Janice birthday
Apr 14- Frankie birthday
Apr 20- Dylan birthday
April 20- Junebug rehearsal in Baldwyn
April 25- Tunica, Ms- Gephart Electric- party festival- Muleman Mark Massey

May 1-kidz
May 4- Baldwyn, Ms- Toms soda Shop- 10:30-1:30 Zap & Billy E
May 8- kidz
May 11- kidz
May 15-kidz
May 16- Choctaw, Ms Golden Moon Casino- Muleman & Billy E
May 19- Junebug rehearsal Baldwyn
May 24- kidz
May 25- kidz
May 26- kidz
May 28- kidz
May 29-kidz

June 1- Tupelo, Ms Junebugs Mike Mills and friends old Cotton Mill -7pm 3 sets
June 10- Columbus, Ms Trinity- Ron Williams Parr & Bobby & Billy E.
June 12- Muscle Shoals- Marriott Swampers Zap & Billy E ~ 7:30- 10pm
June 15- Choctaw, Ms- Golden Moon Casino- Mama n ems-Muleman Mark Massey & Billy E-
June 16- Choctaw- Muleman- Golden Moon 9am-2pm
June 22- Cleveland Ms Wedding reception- Mike Ellis band
july 5- Buchannan Tn (Paris) - Breakers Marina- Hank Jrs Bama Band tent.
july 6- Breakers Marina tent.Hank Jrs Legendary Bama Band

Aug 30
Aug 31
Sept 1- Willie T birthday 44
SEPT 18- Kat birthday


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